Pediatric Care

Children have special needs and so do their families. When a serious illness strikes at a young age, our Pediatric Care health professionals surround the child and the family with sensitive, compassionate care and the special expertise required for ones so young. We partner with many agencies in the community to bring together the resources to support both children and their families.

Treasure Coast Hospice Pediatric Care

Children facing a serious illness have unique needs. Treasure Coast Hospice’s Pediatric Care focuses on the unique needs of children, teens and their families through its specialized program, Little Treasures.

The goal of this program is to improve the quality of life for children and teens with serious illness by supporting the entire family with palliative and hospice care.  Surrounding families with individualized care and support, the Little Treasures Care Team addresses medical, psychosocial and spiritual concerns by providing intensive pain and symptom management along with counseling, guidance and education.






Pediatric Care Team

The Little Treasures care team is made up of a family physician, a pediatric nurse and social worker, a certified music therapist, chaplain and volunteers. Trained to work with pediatric patients, our specialized team helps families overcome the challenges of caring for a child with a serious illness. Helping families enjoy quality time together creates special moments and memories that bring comfort and healing.

To learn more about Little Treasures, please contact our Director of Counseling and Pediatric Services, Jacki Nardone, LCSW:   772-403-4500

Enhancing Quality of Life

Partners in Care: Together for Kids (PIC:TFK)

The PIC:TFK program offers specialized palliative care support from the Little Treasures care team for children and adolescents who are experiencing a life-limiting illness.

Eligibility for this benefit:

  • Enrolled in Children’s Medical Services Network (CMSN).
  • Diagnosis of potentially life limiting illness, birth to age 21.
  • Resides in the county that participates in the waiver.
  • Authorized for participation by a CMS primary care physician.

Pediatric Hospice Care

Eligibility for this benefit:

  • Must be diagnosed with a serious illness with a six-month or less prognosis should the disease follow its normal course.
  • Referral can come from physicians, families, other healthcare professionals and community agencies.
  • Children receiving Medicaid have the option of Concurrent Care

Did You Know?

Children are allowed to receive concurrent care, which means a full range

of hospice services along with curative care.


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A Message from Our CEO

Susan de Cuba

President and Chief Executive Officer

Few creatures inspire as much wonder as the hummingbird. Tiny, yet strong enough to migrate 500 miles across the Gulf of Mexico, this brilliant bird is the ultimate symbol of resilience. So it’s only fitting that we have incorporated a hummingbird into our new look and logo to symbolize our organization’s life-affirming mission.

Under the Treasure Coast Hospice name, we have grown our services beyond our cornerstone hospice program to include palliative care, grief support counseling and specialized pediatric care. To better reflect our expanded scope of community services, we have changed the name of our parent organization to Treasure Health, while our flagship hospice program will continue to be called Treasure Coast Hospice.

Hospice will always be the heart of our mission. The same outstanding care the community has known since 1982 will continue. The experience we’ve gained during the past 35 years translates well to other services that improve quality of life. Our full spectrum of support includes Treasure Coast Hospice, Treasure Health Palliative Care, Treasure Health Pediatric Care and Treasure Health Grief Support.

With all of our services, our goal is to empower patients and families with the knowledge and support they need to make every moment count.  Guiding our efforts is a caring community of health professionals, volunteers and donors. Like me, they believe that in all stages of illness, everyone deserves to experience the best possible quality of life.

With our comprehensive, compassionate approach to palliative care, hospice services and grief support, we are building communities that allow people to drive their own destinies for the highest quality of life in every health circumstance.

We are excited to embrace a fresh brand that helps us promote our life-affirming philosophy and look forward to having you join us as a trusted partner in supporting our community’s healthcare journey.

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