Giving Thanks for Giving

On Nov. 15, Treasure Coast Hospice Foundation held its annual Thanks for Giving reception and dinner with a special presentation honoring:


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Dorothy Scotto

Hospice advocate and volunteer since 1992


Wherever Dorothy Scotto has been within Treasure Coast Hospice — and she’s been almost everywhere — she leaves behind a massive amount of love and a bevy of new friends and admirers.

Dorothy began volunteering with Treasure Health’s flagship program, Treasure Coast Hospice, in 1992, the year that the hospice house in St. Lucie County began service. She answered phones, called to check on patients, transcribed medication records, packed rubber gloves for nurses, washed and folded clothing and linens, and gathered donated items from local business for the annual Mother Daughter Tea raffle. Her experience as a nurse, first in the operating room and then in the nursery at Fort Pierce Memorial Hospital, and her longevity in the community, were tremendous assets.

Now she works in the St. Lucie Hospice House kitchen, washing and sterilizing pots and pans, putting away groceries, and cleaning and preparing vegetables. “I take better care of that kitchen than I ever did of my own,” Dorothy jokes.

Over the years, Dorothy and her husband Arnold raised four children: Dominick, Mary, Rachel and Liberta. She now has 19 grandchildren and three great grandchildren to keep her busy and absorb some of that love she gives away so readily.

At 96 years of age, she says, “Volunteering keeps you young.”  It’s obviously worked for Dorothy, who also volunteers each week at the Manatee Center in Fort Pierce, the Bridge Club at St. Anastasia Catholic Church, and Anastasia’s Attic.

Dorothy is a great cheerleader for Treasure Health’s hospice program.  “I wish doctors could see how much Treasure Coast Hospice can help and send their patients here sooner,” Dorothy says. “This organization does so much good and is always there even for people who can’t pay. I think it’s wonderful.”

We think Dorothy is wonderful too, and we’re grateful for her decades-long service to the patients, families, and staff of Treasure Health.

Sharon A. Brown

Longtime supporter and coordinating volunteer of the Treasured Pets program


Sharon Brown has always had pets in her life. Now she has hundreds!

Sharon is the Treasured Pets coordinator for Treasure Health, and also its heart and soul. She is the one who makes the first contact with families and determines the needs of the pets.

For Sharon, that’s just the beginning.  She coordinates the work of the volunteers in the program as they purchase pet food, take pets to veterinary visits, and set up grooming sessions. She negotiates discounts from vets, keeps intricate records of pets’ needs, and helps to find homes for pets that are left behind when there’s no one left to care for them.

What turned her into such an advocate for the pets and their owners? Sharon realizes how much pets are part of a family and how much they can mean to someone’s spirit when things just aren’t going so well. “Pay attention to pets,” Sharon suggests. “They have simple needs, and they make us remember that life may be better than we think it is.”

Much as she loves the pets, Sharon is also acutely aware of the well-being of their owners. She was trained as patient visitor in 2007 and has been a part of Treasure Health’s flagship program, Treasure Coast Hospice, ever since. Working with the Treasured Pets program and becoming its coordinator in 2013 simply gave her one more way to establish relationships with patients and make sure they know that they, as well as their pets, are in good and loving hands.

Several years ago Sharon was asked to talk with new volunteers during their volunteer orientation. Her topic was “A Day in the Life of a Patient Visitor Volunteer,” and her presentation was so well received that she has been the featured volunteer speaker every month since then.

Sharon always tells new volunteers that volunteering for any of Treasure Health’s many programs is like viewing a beautiful mosaic. Up close you might not appreciate the value and beauty of each and every piece, but if you pause and step back, a beautiful picture emerges. Then you know the true value you bring as a volunteer, a vitally important piece of the mosaic.

Sharon also says, “If you’re a pet lover, you’re already a pretty special person.” Sharon Brown is indeed a special person, and we’re proud and grateful for her service to patients, pets and Treasure Health.

Children’s Services Council of St. Lucie County

Community partner and supporter of Treasure Health Grief Support youth and family programs


When children experience traumatic events in their family or even within their wider community, the effects can be deep and long-lasting.

The Children’s Services Council of St. Lucie County (CSC), committed to the mental, physical and emotional well-being of children throughout the county, is acutely aware of how vulnerable children can feel when they encounter loss in its many different manifestations.

For the past 17 years, Children’s Services Council has partnered with Treasure Health, generously contributing more than $300,000 to our Grief Support program, including Camp Good Grief, to aid hundreds of children and families in St. Lucie County experiencing difficult situations.

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Please view the short video about the Children’s Services Council of St. Lucie County, one of many partners passionate about our mission and the work we do to support grieving children in our community.


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A Message from Our CEO

Susan de Cuba

President and Chief Executive Officer

Few creatures inspire as much wonder as the hummingbird. Tiny, yet strong enough to migrate 500 miles across the Gulf of Mexico, this brilliant bird is the ultimate symbol of resilience. So it’s only fitting that we have incorporated a hummingbird into our new look and logo to symbolize our organization’s life-affirming mission.

Under the Treasure Coast Hospice name, we have grown our services beyond our cornerstone hospice program to include palliative care, grief support counseling and specialized pediatric care. To better reflect our expanded scope of community services, we have changed the name of our parent organization to Treasure Health, while our flagship hospice program will continue to be called Treasure Coast Hospice.

Hospice will always be the heart of our mission. The same outstanding care the community has known since 1982 will continue. The experience we’ve gained during the past 35 years translates well to other services that improve quality of life. Our full spectrum of support includes Treasure Coast Hospice, Treasure Health Palliative Care, Treasure Health Pediatric Care and Treasure Health Grief Support.

With all of our services, our goal is to empower patients and families with the knowledge and support they need to make every moment count.  Guiding our efforts is a caring community of health professionals, volunteers and donors. Like me, they believe that in all stages of illness, everyone deserves to experience the best possible quality of life.

With our comprehensive, compassionate approach to palliative care, hospice services and grief support, we are building communities that allow people to drive their own destinies for the highest quality of life in every health circumstance.

We are excited to embrace a fresh brand that helps us promote our life-affirming philosophy and look forward to having you join us as a trusted partner in supporting our community’s healthcare journey.

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