Grief Support Team

Grief Support Team
Our counseling staff members are here when you need them. Please click the photo for each team member to read more about them.

Jacki Nardone, LCSW,
Director of Grief Support & Pediatric Services

Heike Amelung, LMHC, LMFT,
Grief Counselor

Gabrielle Balatovis-McNally,
LMFT, Grief Counselor

Kristin Lewis, LMHC,
Grief Counselor

Jackie Nardone
Heike Amelung
Gabrielle Balatovis
Kristin Lewis

Oralea Marquardt, MSW,
Grief Counselor

Laura Morgan, LMFT,
Grief Counselor

Kate Priest, LCSW,
Grief Counselor

Jeanine Smith, LMFT,
Grief Counselor

Oralea Marquardt
Laura Morgan
Kate Priest
Jeanine Smith

Zamarys Webster, LCSW, Grief Counselor

Barbara Kirkpatrick,
Administrative Coordinator